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New uses for old bike helmets

If you are doing something with your hands during an event - drumming, holding hands, steering children, etc., wearing a lantern on your head is one solution.

In this case we would not recommend using anything with an open flame - setting yourself on fire is not our idea of a good time!

Self-immolation aside, candles can drip and it's hard to get wax off your clothes or out of your hair.

I know that traditional St. Lucia celebrations in Sweden involve crowns of candles, but even there they now go for the electrical option for safety.

You can build a sculpted lantern out of papier-maché - instead of using newspaper or other paper with printed areas, use white paper for maximum light transmission.

Quick and dirty bike helmet lantern

You can tape a flashlight or just a battery holder to your helmet - electrical tape works well. Aim the light towards the area of the sculpture you want to glow. If it's possible to remove the bezel and glass from the flashlight, the bulb will stick out like a little candle flame and will shine over a larger area. Use tape to keep the batteries from falling out. Look for cheap small flashlights at hardware stores and dollar stores.

Body Carrier

It's easy to carry a larger structure on a frame that you wear like a backpack - here's an example of how you can construct a frame from bamboo. Consider where the centre of gravity is - try not to make yourself too top-heavy or it will be more difficult and tiring to wear your creation.

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